Friday, February 24, 2017


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Bennet writes on/of/about/around Vibrant Matter.

vibrancy. paying attention the vibrancy of things. (things, not of objects: stuff, thingymabobs, whatchamacallits, thingys, youknowwhats... whatever they are before our marco teórico makes them into objects) paying attention before we start paying attention. making things strange, repeat, rewrite, repeat, rewrite, repeat, rewrite, repeat... dislodging the human. disconcerting ourselves and in the confusion letting life-other emerge. what is "the human"? what is "the non-human"? where is the line and does it matter?

material things, organic and inorganic, have a life of their own. beyond anthropomorphising. beyond cuteness. life wants to live. and it will continue to do so whether we theorise it or not. that's (one).


a set of glasses.
plastic, tortoiseshell acetate, metal.

my glasses have had, at times, more life than i myself. for starters, this blog belongs to them. everywhere I go, they go before me. well, almost. my nose goes before them. they arrive and modify the scene. without them, the experience...not fully human? do they make me? do they mind? and before I, what then? an optician's workshop, a plastic manufacturer, a designer. and before that, what? forests, mines. trains, planes. cellulose, metal. carbon.


I have a box in Uruguay full of old glasses, and who's to say they are not guarding my self?

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