Sunday, October 30, 2011


1. me, lying on the floor, broken up, light shining on a trail of blood slowly meandering from underneath, beating heart just showing out of a gaping void, breath slowing down

2. me, having an ice-cream at a parlour, friends mothing around, a little bit of lemon juice dribbling down my chin, drip dripping right into the inside of my bra

3. me, sitting at a kitchen table, pouring tequila shots one after the other, typing with the other hand, astonished, drunk with you

4. me, travelling at the speed of sound, criss-crossing continents, riding whales, creating chaos and sparks, before finally resting up on a sandy beach, under a swaying palm-tree

5. me, on a hotel bed, in a city with lots of bridges and a pinkish faint glow far far away

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