Sunday, April 11, 2010

the idea is to fill a page

to fill a page no matter what. to get to the bottom of the page. to travel there with speed and determination. to get to the finish line. to stumble over the words, head over heels. to protect yourself with a crash helmet, and run. to end the quiet of a conscious mind. to cover the broad whiteness. to fly unbound across the sea. to take a jewel and run, run, run. to hide from your enemies and keep pacing. the idea is to keep it going. to move with the momentum. to follow the arch of the arrow, across the pier. a long forgotten arch. suspended in space. the idea is to feel the warmth. covering your skin. a sun following its trajectory. the only one it's known. rising and falling. binding its own space. tracing an ephemeral line. dispelling myths. pandora's box. a couple dancing in the distance, undisturbed. wolves sitting in the sidelines waiting to strike. there is a page. a page to be filled. wonders and quizzes.

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