Friday, January 05, 2007


Originally uploaded by ladelentes.
if you had looked round the tree two minutes ago you would have seen a little frog sitting under it. circumspectly.

this frog is terrified of women. because women just can't stop themselves from picking him up and planting wet, disgusting kisses on his mouth. silly women. and they keep giving him cold sores and all sorts of horrible cross-species diseases. it's only a few days ago he got rid of that nasty, nasty...well, better not to mention it here, really.

he's only a frog. that's it. plain and simple. a frog. nothing more, nothing less.

and i know that. of course. after all, i'm not the kind of woman who goes around kissing frogs, am i?

but the frog can't risk it these days, so as soon as i started to get close (just to take my picture, naturally), it jumped off in a panic, ran straight into the serpentine and i never saw him again.


  1. A lucky escape then...he probably wouldn't have liked the smoky kisses ;-)

  2. i'll have you know that IF i were to kiss a frog - which i wouldn't do EVER - it would most definitely be instantly transformed into a prince purely by the sheer power of my kissing abilities. smoke or no smoke.

  3. All this continual bragging about yer own kissin...I'm not buying it. No doubt some polite englishman felt it necessary compliment you...and now it's gone completely to your head...