Thursday, January 11, 2007


a for the record post.

i'm sick in bed, i'm bored. the wind is blowing outside. it's been blowing like this for days. relentlessly. like the wind in that novel i can't remember which, which would drive people mad. the rubber plant fell over a few days ago, but there really is no point picking it up again for the 100th time.

there's also been a lot of sirens. all night through, from 2am, coming and going. actually coming into my street, into my bed. or maybe that was just a dream. the planes seem incredibly loud, while everything else is muted. i can't hear anything but the noises in my head, the (again, incredibly loud) clacking of the keyboard and the planes. there was also a helicopter coming and going around 5am.

from time to time, my tinnitus moves from one ear to the other. this is its party trick. i usually hear it at the front of my head, but for special occassions it grows louder and more specifically located. today it's doing something which reminds me of the THX promos in cinemas, where you can hear cows on one side of the cinema, then the other. only it isn't cows, it's like feedback when the guitarist moves to the wrong side of the speakers.

oh yeah.

there was a minor crisis at work, but i think this was solved. go do something worthwhile if you're not too busy.

there was a minor crisis with a friend, but i hope this is also solved.

i had a breakfast with yoghurt and blueberries, but i am told i should not have dairy products when i'm sick. how would i know? i'm hardly ever sick. it's a real novelty. a little holiday.

there is naff all on the telly, i can't read because my eyes hurt, i can't knit for the very same reasons. so all i can do is sit up in bed, daydreaming (very very strange thoughts come and visit me, i shoo them away, but they come back, with pictures!)

and so here i am, inflicting this on my poor unsuspecting blog because, well, i am bored. did i say that already?


  1. I love it when you ramble...

  2. A friend of mine joined te flotilla and asked what happens wit the action. Is it a nifty petition, or...?