Monday, January 01, 2007

end on a high note, start as you mean to go on

i can hear my own heart beat throbbing in my ears. if you look very carefully, you can see it through my belly. breathe in. breathe out. one of the biggest problems i'm going to have in the next year is to try to make it more exciting and amazing than the last. boy, will it take some effort! all the things i'll have to do in order to keep the current standards, and not repeat myself like a damn old bore. friendships, journeys, discoveries, art, music...even the weather. it's all been too fucking amazing (which is why this blog is often so cryptic: it's not always intentional, sometimes i just really can't find the words). pause. ok, that's it. that's as much of an insight as i can have 14 minutes into the second day of the 2007th year since the death of mr JC.

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